What I am is good enough if I would only be it openly.  -  Carl Rogers




Natasha Kottegoda-Breden
Psychotherapist | Counsellor | Coach
MCouns(Aus), BSc (UK), CTI (Coach), NLP (DIP)

Tailored Therapy to help Adults and Adolescents in the Expatriate and English-speaking Community  with:

Depression , anxiety and stress disorders

Relationship difficulties and marriage breakdown

Trauma, grief and loss

LGBTQ++ & Identity


Low self-esteem, motivation and loss of creativity 

Excessive perfectionism and the need for control 

Expat family transition and cultural integration

Life hurdles and transitions


Natasha has been tremendously helpful with investigating what are some of the causes of behaviors I want to change, and discussing how I can manage my emotions better going forward so I can not only improve my personal and professional relationships, but also manage my emotions when I’m by myself.

Co-founder/CEO of Tokyo biotech company, Tokyo