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Psychotherapy, Counselling, and Life Coaching for Adults and adolescents (Aged 13 years and over)
(All sessions conducted in English)

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Happy Teens


Building Resilience in Young People

Teenagers today have to juggle the stressful demands put upon them in a complex and competitive digital age, where the pull and pressures of social media can often be overwhelming. I help young people discover a true sense of themselves and their values and I teach them strategies to cope with life's many challenges: Whether it be coping with erratic or low moods, new skills to improve difficult relationships, coping with family trauma and breakup,  attachment issues from childhood, cultural integration into a new school or new country or issues of identity and sexuality.  My therapy sessions are tailored specifically to meet the individual needs of your child.


Aside from therapeutic support, if you think your child requires testing for learning differences or any additional teacher learning support, I will refer you to experienced professionals.


A Life of Fulfillment, Living by Your Values

Helping clients to overcome mental health issues and life struggles by looking at their present thoughts and behaviours and examining their past history and family dynamics. Teaching valuable skills to enable you give up your battle with negative thoughts and behaviours and concentrate instead on building a life with true meaning and value. Key areas of focus are but not limited to:

  • Depression, Anxiety, and Low Self-Esteem

  • Grief and Loss

  • Relationship or Marriage Dysfunction

  • Creating Personal Boundaries

  • Over arching Control and Perfectionism

  • Creative Loss and Motivation

  • Expat family transition and cultural integration

  • Identity

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To Encourage a Better You

Life Coaching can change your life, it can enable you to achieve your full potential, whether it be to:

  • Set & implement personal or professional goals that are in line with your core values

  • Help you to find the next step after parenthood & teach you techniques to build the confidence to do it

  • Assist you in managing personal or work-life conflicts & implement effective time management

  • Coach you to build confidence, new skills & set yourself realistic personal goals so you move towards greater life fulfillment. 


I am a trained life coach and I also bring many years of Human Resources experience from the UK.  I have first-hand experience of retraining and changing career paths and therefore understand the challenges it can bring. I will mentor you and encourage you with empathetic understanding.

Services: Fees

All Therapy and Coaching Sessions

Duration 1 hour


Sessions are offered in-person & online (Zoom/Skype/Google Meet)         

        T&Cs including the cancellation policy will be emailed. You will be required to sign a  consent form before sessions commence.

11,000 Yen 

$150 Singapore Dollars


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